Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
I have just completed my testing of the latest Beta Release (dated April 20, 2016) for a viable Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback. And as others report, the playback was usable, but not without persistent problems. I chose to buy a later i5 Intel Nuc (model NUC5i5RYH)... based on what other reviewers have commented, I was curious how it would perform. My system setup is listed below in my signature. I agree with other viewers that the picture quality is superb, but playback comes at a price as people test out the Kodi modifications with the newer hardware.

I tested 3D MVC playback with both 3D MVC ISO files and 3D MVC mkv files with differing results. Almost all of the problems have been reported to some degree in earlier posts. 3D mkv files playback the best, but with the following problems...

1) The picture quality is excellent, but 3D artifacts exist with MKV playback, in particular there are Left-Right eye artifacts that hamper the 3D images almost as if the Left and Right eye images were reversed (which they are not). Changing the Left to right eye image for 3D playback does not affect the problem. The problem is annoying, intermittent, and sometimes is fixed with restarting playback. But I have not found a reproducible way to fix the problem with 3D mkv files.

2) Until I added a re-sync delay when changing screen refresh rates (0.5 seconds) whenever I stopped the 3D playback the display would turn off 3D, but then turn is back on sometimes with all sorts of playback issues. Adding the re-sync delay solved that problem for the most part.

3) As others have noted there are audio sync issues, but only when chapter/time skipping, or after fast forward or reversing. Restarting 3D mkv movie playback most of the time fixes the problem, but not always. Changing the active audio soundtrack does not affect the audio syncing problem. If I don't skip forward or back the sound remains in sync.

The 3D ISO files playback have really bad issues to deal with...

1) The worse problem does not directly involve the 3D playback. But when 3D playback is turned off Kodi immediately turns it back on again when ending movie playback despite having (or not having) a re-sync delay in place. Most of the time my LG OLED display notifies me that 3D was turned back on again, but not always. Without a 3D source that hardware only shows a 2D picture. But the really bad problem is that video of 2D movies no longer plays back properly - instead the screen changes to a set of yellow to green vertical bars covering most or all of the screen. The HD audio of the 2D movies still plays back fine. But from then on all 2D Kodi playback of videos are distorted this way. Restarting Kodi does not fix the problem. Completely uninstalling then reinstalling Kodi also does not fix the problem. Plex movie playback is also affected by this problem the same way Kodi is. Only VLC movie playback is not affected. The only way I was able to fix the playback issue was to reset the Intel Graphic Drivers by completely uninstalling them, restarting the Nuc, then completely reinstalling and reconfiguring the Intel Graphic Drivers as per instructions in the beginning of this and other threads. Changing the version of the installed Intel Graphic Drivers from the most recent beta driver, to fixed drivers downloaded from the Intel web site, or using the Intel Driver Installation Utility does not affect the problem.

2) Chapter and time skipping through 3D ISO movies is excruciatingly slow - up to 2 or 3 minutes to complete. On the upside of this slowness is the fact that the Video and Audio playback always remain in sync with each other, so there is no audio sync issues with 3D ISO file playback.

3) The 3D artifacts that I mentioned earlier occurring with the 3D mkv file playback also occur with 3D ISO file playback, but less frequently. And unlike with 3D mkv files, restarting the 3D ISO movie usually fixes the problem. Also skipping time or chapters may fix the problem, but not as predictably.

All-in-all I think that the native KODI 3D MVC playback modifications are slowly getting better with each iteration of the software. I only hope that new releases continue to come out.
NUC: NUC5i5RYH (Intel Core i5-5250U, Intel HD Graphics 6000)
RAM: 16 GB Crucial DDR3-1600
SSD: 250GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD
OS: Windows 10 Home version
Display: LG 65EF9500 OLED
AVR: Pioneer Elite SC-99
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