Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-25, 03:01)hdmkv Wrote: Have you tried w/'Use fullscreen window' disabled and enabled? Assume you applied all the settings as shown in post #1? I'm surprised you're seeing lip-sync error on an i5.

Re: right-eye titles, some of them don't auto-flipeyes. 'Bait' 3D for example! Too bad there isn't a dev thread to report this in anymore.

Thanks for the reply - I have tried both fullscreen disabled and enabled - and none of the problems are affected. I have gone over all settings from post #1 and made sure they are set correctly. The lip sync problems are generated by the time skipping through out the movie and only with mkv files. Due to the different way Kodi handles time skipping, the ISO files' video visibly re-syncs with the audio seemingly speeding up or slowing down as needed. This same type of behavior is not seen with MKV 3D files playback.

The 3D image problem is close to inverting the right and left eye images but not exactly. It's as if only some of the background images are inverted, usually not the main image. But this image problem occurs in BOTH left image first (the most common type of 3D file) and right image first. Reversing the left and right eyes using the LG OLED settings does not fix the problem, and most of the time makes it worse.
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