Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-04-25, 02:42)ppoulos Wrote: I have just completed my testing of the latest Beta Release (dated April 20, 2016) for a viable Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback. And as others report, the playback was usable, but not without persistent problems. I chose to buy a later i5 Intel Nuc (model NUC5i5RYH)... based on what other reviewers have commented, I was curious how it would perform. My system setup is listed below in my signature. I agree with other viewers that the picture quality is superb, but playback comes at a price as people test out the Kodi modifications with the newer hardware.
Didn't want to quote your whole post.
This is very strange you're having all these issues with an i5.

Here's my experience so far:
The latest build from 4/20 is perfect for 3D from MKVs (if you don't mess with chapters as if I do that then I need to Rewind a bit to get the audio synched again) and I'm still doing some testing for the 2D stuff. I have some issues of choppiness on some content but not on others so I can't find a pattern yet but it could very well be my NUC just being too weak but if it's the case that would be very strange since the 3D is just spot on and the bitrates are much bigger that my 2D stuff...
I need to install Jarvis in portable mode to see if I see the same issues.

Edit: I forgot to add. The PQ on the Intel runs circles around the PQ on my AMD A8.
On the AMD, I get crushed blacks with some compression artifacts even on 1:1 copies of Bluray discs.
On the Intel, the blacks are just how they should be, black and deep. They are even like that on Blurays that I have reencoded with Handbrake with an avg bitrate of 9000.
Don't even want to turn the AMD on, anymore Tongue
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