Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-12, 01:55)hdmkv Wrote: Just completed testing ... no lip sync error w/Beelink Pocket P2 (Intel Z3735F), using latest May 5 Kodi MVC build.

I'll be posting a full review of P2 tomorrow, but I'm amazed this little guy performs so well for Kodi use, maybe just a notch below Z8300, which is a bit faster. But, if you don't need HD audio bitstreaming, get either an Intel Intel Z3735F or Z8300, whichever you get a better deal on. Only thing that could tip the scale... a USB Ethernet adapter or hub is a must, and that will set you back between $8-20 (whether 10/100 or gigabit).


about which parameter you mean "Only thing that could tip the scale" ?
and why Lenovo stick 300 has problem with lip sync , how can I will fix that like you have on P2 ?
I almost buy the intel 2n with Z8300 , but you say that Lenovo should not make problem .
I have two Lenovo pieces with the sale ... and the intel 2n not yet . what you suggest me to do ?
the usb 2 that have on Lenovo stick 300 has only transfer 480 mbps , right ? ( not 1 gig)

I would be happy if you can provide me links to ; Kodi version from and Kodi MVC BUILD that I save them when the Lenovo come I will install that .

Thanks in advance ...

(2016-05-12, 12:02)dukester Wrote:
(2016-05-11, 23:33)Neighbour Wrote:
(2016-05-11, 22:39)movie78 Wrote: Most of the time WASAPI will show the name of your display(LG), select that one...

I will choose WASAPI Display(LG) on "Audio Output Device" and I will choose Denon 1200 on "Passthrough output Device" , right?

and which item is the best for 3D MVC with no sound lip-sync :

Lenovo stick 300 :


Intel 2nd Generation Compute Stick with Intel Atom x5 Processor and Windows 10 BOXSTK1AW32SC:

Thanks in advance.

If you have the stick plugged into your AVR, you want it to be wasapi "Denon AVR"

also both devices you keep mentioning DO NOT SUPPORT HD AUDIO.. so do not enable Passthrough options for TrueHD or DTS-HD unless you like no sound with your movies.

Seems like a not so good player choice considering the AVR you have.. but thats just my personal opinion, somthing able to bitstream HD/Immersive Audio would have been something more suited to your AVR.

you right , but I haven't any Idea which device will do best Kodi+ Kodi 3D MVC Build + HD bitstreaming ATMOS/DTS-X/HD-DTS/DOLBY HD .
I would very happy if you can suggest me one recommended that I can add to my setup : Denon 1200 + LG 4k 3d UF850

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