Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
A few updates (and some responses to questions above).

Regarding the audio issue (stereo only, no audio in Kodi):
1. Over HDMI I only get stereo audio. Windows audio settings are set correctly. If using mini-displayport to HDMI adapter I get full 7.1 with passthrough. IE eveything works with Displayport but NOT HDMI.
2. Kodi works and passes through HD audio great with Displayport.
3. Displayport is not a solution for me as it only gives 30hz and not 60hz. This could be an adapter issue but remains to be seen as I have not found one that states 60hz at 4k.
4. I've reinstalled graphics drivers to no avail. I have not yet tried a different HDMI adapter, will try that today.
5. WASAPI was selected. Note that I mentioned the audio issue is in Windows itself (and Kodi by extension).
6. 4k and 1080p both have the issue.

Regarding Kodi/3D:
1. Quality is excellent.
2. 3D movies start in over/under, not sure why. Driving me nuts. Once I hit the 3D button for the Samsung display it corrects.
3. HDMKV: how can I verify that I am running in 10bit 4k on the NUC? I don't see anywhere to enable 10bit vs 8. My hardware supports it (Denon 6200 and Samsung 8500).
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