Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-14, 17:29)santiagodraco Wrote:
(2016-05-14, 16:53)Neighbour Wrote: Do you install kodi 16.1 from here and after that you install this 3D MVC version from here ( KodiSetup-20160512) ?

I understand from you that the kodi send over/under from tv , try to change 3D setting to Auto in kodi setting .

how much bucks Nuc Scull Canyon cost to you? and from overall experience you suggest that ?


I installed the WIP build directly, I did not install an older (ie 16.1) version before. This is a clean OS install of Windows 10.

As for the 3D setting it's set as "same as movie". Where specifically are you saying to set it to auto?

The SC NUC was 269 from Newegg. So far, and assuming the HDMI audio issue is fixable, it looks good. Runs in 4k and plays back every Blu-ray I've thrown at it in 3D and 2D with no issues. I have not yet tried games, that will come a bit later. Right now trying to get a handle on the HDMI issues and Kodi.

I am seeing some movies playback 3D backwards. I've seen something about this mentioned around but not sure how to fix the issue. Backwards meaning left eye is signaling the right eye so the 3D effect is backwards. Flipping the glasses upside down fixes it ;D Need to figure out how to adjust for that if it's possible....

On you kodi , enter to setting video and under 3D have Auto/HSBS/OVER..

Do you install only the MVC wip .exe from this tread and it is come with kodi+MVC all in one packet ?

why in intel site don't mentions that Scull Canyon iris 580 intru3D feature ? ( from my understand this feature necessary to run 3D iso , but you run it without that , interesting...)

Do you try the IR Receiver with kodi ? it works fine ?

(2016-05-14, 20:59)timstephens24 Wrote:
(2016-05-14, 16:06)santiagodraco Wrote: A few updates (and some responses to questions above).

Regarding the audio issue (stereo only, no audio in Kodi):

Probably an HDMI cable issue, I had a few when I upgraded to 4k. [email protected] needs a 18Gbps cable, and most of the older ones are around 10Gbps.

Edit: I had to return 4 cables that didn't work right too, but they were amazon cheap ones. When I found good ones they were good.

(2016-05-14, 16:06)santiagodraco Wrote: 2. 3D movies start in over/under, not sure why. Driving me nuts. Once I hit the 3D button for the Samsung display it corrects.

Pretty sure it's like I said, your display needs to be at 1080p and not 4k.

if the Nuc or other machine will be native rate 4K on 4K 3D TV , I need to down resolution to FULL HD on 60HZ that I can play 3D ISO ?

Do you have this nuc :

and which SSD and Ram you add to him ?
with that Nuc you get everything works fine ( 3D MVC + KODI + DTS-HD/DOLBY-HD/ATMOS/DTS-X ) ? ( I have 65 4k passive 3d like yours )

if you can add photos of windows that the two line of resolution appears I would be happy because I have on windows only one line of resolution ...

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