Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-20, 00:07)hifihedgehog Wrote:
(2016-05-14, 16:06)santiagodraco Wrote: A few updates (and some responses to questions above).

Regarding the audio issue (stereo only, no audio in Kodi):
1. Over HDMI I only get stereo audio. Windows audio settings are set correctly. If using mini-displayport to HDMI adapter I get full 7.1 with passthrough. IE eveything works with Displayport but NOT HDMI.
2. Kodi works and passes through HD audio great with Displayport.
3. Displayport is not a solution for me as it only gives 30hz and not 60hz. This could be an adapter issue but remains to be seen as I have not found one that states 60hz at 4k.
4. I've reinstalled graphics drivers to no avail. I have not yet tried a different HDMI adapter, will try that today.
5. WASAPI was selected. Note that I mentioned the audio issue is in Windows itself (and Kodi by extension).
6. 4k and 1080p both have the issue.

Regarding Kodi/3D:
1. Quality is excellent.
2. 3D movies start in over/under, not sure why. Driving me nuts. Once I hit the 3D button for the Samsung display it corrects.
3. HDMKV: how can I verify that I am running in 10bit 4k on the NUC? I don't see anywhere to enable 10bit vs 8. My hardware supports it (Denon 6200 and Samsung 8500).

(2016-05-19, 20:58)ciscostud Wrote:
(2016-05-19, 02:36)hifihedgehog Wrote: Cool! I have both a thread on the Intel support forums and a Reddit thread on the Intel NUC subreddit, linked below. Below also is a family member's Amazon review of the product. I will post a link to the fix at Reddit and the Intel support forums as soon as it comes.

I see Intel on their forum is suggesting you try the display port with an adapter on their new Skull Canyon NUC for 5.1 passthrough. It very well could work, but this is a work around and not a fix. It needs to work on HDMI!!

See the topmost quoted comment. Displayport to HDMI has no problem outputting multichannel surround sound. The problem is the native HDMI port does not support multichannel surround sound. You are so right. A workaround is not a fix. They need to fix this $650 investment. Its HDMI sound is a mess.

Ok. I just ordered a display port 1.2 to HDMI 2.0a active adapter on Amazon. Reviews confirm it is 4K 60 HZ. Not expensive and going to use this work around until they fix HDMI. I feel it is not the hardware and just a matter of time.
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