Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-21, 17:55)rewsteruk Wrote: @Neighbour

Quote:you mean to change to "30p" on Kodi / Intel graphic card setting / LG TV Setting ?

Only Kodi (for lossless in Kodi) and Intel Graphic Card (for lossless in Foobar2000), your TV should adjust refresh to match output

Quote:you install the WIP version and do all the settings change like post #1 or you only install and play the 3D iso and it works ?

I used the 12 May WIP version, setting same as in post #1 except I only got 24Hz 3D playback in Full Screen Window = true, all my 3D files are MKV.

Quote:I have 24p Cinema option on LG UF850 4K 3D - I need to use that on my Lenovo stick 300 with 3D ISO content on Kodi WIP or just standart setting will do the same job ?

I did not need to change any settings on my TV to get 24p.

Quote:Do you have any addons that I can install on Kodi that will bring me fron NAS all the FLAC albums with CD charts and image ?

No addons required, but the album cover is in the album directory on the NAS, but did enable 'Fetch Additional Information during updates', this downloads artist info etc, but I dont this this is working on 12 May version.


About - "post #1 except I only got 24Hz 3D playback in Full Screen Window" - it should be 24HZ in 3D playback or 30HZ? ( if I need to change How I do that ? )

if I play kodi from Openelec Version and not from windows via Solid-Run Cubox architecte , what I need to check on settings that FLAC albums will passthrough to Receiver ?

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