Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-21, 20:49)rewsteruk Wrote: @Neighbour

Quote:About - "post #1 except I only got 24Hz 3D playback in Full Screen Window" - it should be 24HZ in 3D playback or 30HZ? ( if I need to change How I do that ? )

Sorry, it should be 24Hz NOT 30Hz, you would get juddering. The setting in Post #1 disable 3D in Full Screen Window, gave me the 30Hz, when enabled I smooth 24Hz playback.

Quote:if I play kodi from Openelec Version and not from windows via Solid-Run Cubox architecte , what I need to check on settings that FLAC albums will passthrough to Receiver ?

Not really sure on this one to be honest, you can hear remote sounds when they are enabled so some mixing is going on, but DD and DTS passthrough ok.


You see if you have 30hz or 24HZ with info bottom on LG remote control ?

you have image of this feature disable 3D on full screen that I don't disable it ?

Thanks in advance.
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