Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
I think afedchin has just been busy probably with his IRL job and stuff. According to github he hasn't done much in the last couple of weeks until less than a day ago. IMO cut him some slack. Who knows what else he has going on in his life. He was the only one willing to work on this in the first place (it seems like most the devs here really don't care about 3D). He was cranking out test builds fairly quickly for awhile there and he got it to the point where the only issue I'm aware of is the TrueHD chapter skip/seeking one and is probably just taking a breather. The fact that he even bothered with new builds after what happened was pretty cool of him. It obviously does make testing a little harder but he still seems to be taking a look at bug reports and fixing issues. I'd rather have a silent dev than no dev at all.

I really think what happened was partially people getting out of line but a whole lot of language/cultural differences to. My fiancee is German, has been speaking English for about 17 years, and I've known her for 15 of them. We still have misunderstandings based on language and culture and it can be frustrating from both sides.

It would be nice to know if afedchin plans to continue working on this build and whether it will make it's way into the main branch, but to be honest I really don't feel as though he owes us anything. I appreciate the work that he has done to get the build where it is and hope he plans to continue with it. If not, I hope someone else will be willing to pick up where he left off and carry it the rest of the way.
Main: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH with Intel Celeron N2830 CPU, Windows 10 Professional 64bit, Intel® HD Graphics driver-version Running afedchin's Windows MVC 3D test build.
Secondary: Amazon Fire TV Gen 1
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