Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-06-01, 20:22)hdmkv Wrote: @movie78 or anyone else, is Launcher4Kodi working for you as expected? For me, for initial boot-up, even from my D34010WYK NUC completely powered off, it works fine going right into Kodi. But, if I power off using my Harmony Ultimate, the NUC doesn't really seem turned off... the blue power light stays on.

Then, next time when I power on via remote, I get no picture and have to physically turn the NUC off by holding the power button down for 2-3 secs, then press to power it back up. At this point, Windows tries to auto-repair itself as PC wasn't shut down properly.

I'm wondering if I should set Kodi's shutdown function to 'Suspend' instead of 'Power off system'. Latter doesn't seem to be working, at least w/these MVC builds. Or, maybe the issue has something to do with the IR function for power for D34010WYK in Harmony's database.

I followed below steps to launch kodi when the nuc boots up.

1. Added a cheap usb bluetooth adapter to the NUC(this step may not be necessary and I guess only need it if you need text entry)
2. Added device "Microsoft Windows Computer" to my activity(in addition to NUC and other devices)
3. Added shortcut to Kodi on desktop and mapped it to "Ctrl+Alt+1"
4. Edit the start of the activity and add a delay of 5s and then add new step and mapped it to command Ctrl+Alt+1 on the Windows Computer device

make sure the delay and the command are at the end of the start of activity.

I have created similar steps to shutdown kodi and NUC when I end the activity.
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