Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-06-01, 22:18)Statikk Wrote: The number key references which position the shortcut is on your taskbar. So his script was the 8th item. For example it's in the 3rd position it would be Win+3. The script is probably using the Stop-Computer command.

My taskbar is set up with Win+1 = launch Kodi, Win+2=launch Windows Update. I have just been sleeping with my Harmony but the shutdown script is a good idea. I think I'll go that route to. You need to have both the Media Center Keyboard and the Media Center Keyboard SE added to your Harmony. I think the SE is the one that adds Windows Key functionality.
Based on the page you linked to, for shutting down just local PC, seems all that's needed is this?
Parameter Set: Default

So, do you open Notepad, copy/paste above script and save as what? Then, just pin shortcut to taskbar right? If I add it just before Outlook icon, would that be Win + 1?

BTW, for auto-boot to Kodi, do we even need Launcher4Kodi? Was thinking of just doing this.
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