Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-06-11, 21:29)dukester Wrote:
(2016-06-11, 20:29)Neighbour Wrote:
(2016-06-11, 16:31)movie78 Wrote: Try this Skin267343 (thread)
It also has ATMOS and DTS:X naming tag support.


but I need to install all the zip in separately or only the skin zip ?
"Required Add-ons :

- Script SkinShortcuts : This addon is needed to personnalize home menu and widgets.
- Script ExtendedInfo : This addon is needed to show additionnal infos about movies, tv shows and musics.
- Script Skin Helper Service : This addon is needed to import/export skin settings and others stuff.
- Script PlayAlbum : This addon is needed to play album on album infos screen.
- Script Image Ressource Select : This addon is needed to select weather icons, studio logos, etc...
- AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard : This addon is needed to show autocompletion of keyboard.

Additionnal Add-ons :

- Library Data Provider : This addon is required to add more widgets.
- Next Up Notification : This addon shows a popup next up notification automatically to prompt for playing the next unwatched episode.
- Artwork Downloader : This addon can automaticaly download all available artwork for your movies/tv shows in your library.
- Global Search : This addon lets you search content in your library.
- Artist Slideshow : This addon displays slideshow as background for music visualization.
- Youtube : This addon is required to watch trailers.
- cu.lrclyrics : This addon is required to display lyrics from songs.

NB : All links are the latest from github.

Thanks in advance.

just install the skin, in the skin menu it will show you what ones you have and dont have, if you see a red x you can click it and it will install automattically, continue till the list is all green checkmarks


(2016-06-11, 21:35)hdmkv Wrote: 1. Download the Estuary MOD repo zip ( and save it somewhere you can get to from Kodi
2. In Kodi, go to System Settings > Add-ons, and enable 'Unknown sources'
3. From Kodi's main UI, go to Add-ons > Add-on browser > Install from zip file, and choose the Estuary MOD repo zip
4. Let it install, then go to Settings > Interface settings > Skin > Skin, Get more..., and choose Estuary MOD
5. Let it install and choose 'Yes' when prompted 'Keep skin?'
6. Next, go to Skin > Settings > Necessary addons, and click to install every dependency from there

Some info on Intel's first Apollo Lake chips. Hopefully, we'll see desktop versions of these.


I would like to know if that skin should work with KODI +MVC BUILD 3D 05 MAY ? or I need to install the last one ?

BTW - if I want to install the 08 June version I need to remove the kodi + appdata and make new install or I can upgrade it ?

Thanks .
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