Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback

On my journey to the 3D MVC I've come close to the very end. I've spent hours and hours searching every possible bit of info for my case and I've tested those things. Sadly no success, yet.

1. Hardware:
Intel C2D E8400, Nvidia 610 GT, 1.4 HDMI all the way through to the Benq W1350 video projector.

2. Software:
Today had clean install Windows 10 pro, tested latest Kodi Jarvis 16.1 and then switched to the latest Kodi MVC build (20160608-4d90005-msdk_mvc_wip) from here
+ Nvidia drivers 368.39
+ latest WDDM 2.0 for Windows 10
+ (libmfx32) for Nvidia users

3. Settings
I've followed the steps exactly from here "Windows - Intel HTPC/NUC's w/reliable Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback" -thread. Have done all those "Adjust display refresh rate", "Decode stereo stream 3D" etc. options. Of course I ignored the Intel gpu steps and did those on Nvidia Control panel (1920x1080 (3D) 60hz resolution and enabled 3D vision there).

4. And this results to...?
In Kodi I have tried Martian MVC I made with DVDFab and Frozen.iso (straight blu-ray rip, mounting the iso and then looking the right scene.800.mpls from the bluray folder in kodi so movie starts at once). Upon launching, Benq takes it's time and then comes 24p 1920x2205 resolution, frame packing automatically activated. Only problem is that there is no 3D-effect (screen is typically red for this DLP-projector and with glasses it looks fine, just no 3D). I look up into the video options and I see 2(!!) h.264 video streams which of I could choose from. So I think MVC is very close??, but not... :-)

5. Brazen1's succeed on this.
Among many other threads I've read this "Windows 3D MVC Bluray test builds"
There brazen1 points out how he managed to work things out with 4/1 build ONLY, sadly I haven't figured out how to get that and try it myself.
I thought I could just pm and ask him politely, but that option was disabled for me, maybe because I'm so new.
So if you, brazen1, see this post, could you offer your helping hand, please? (;

Easiest way would be to smash that "HTPC" and buy new Intel-build, but I'm just too eager to get this working with this. And those succeeds I've read keep me trying!
On a side note I've managed to get this MVC work with PowerDVD with mounted iso. Picture quality was better than in FSBS (never get that to work --> so it showed as normal HSBS) and HSBS rips. PowerDVD was kinda laggy (trial problem?), it wasn't even near as smooth as XBMC.

In the end, I've tried and I'm willing to admit my defeat. Just asking if there is any hope?

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