Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-06-22, 18:07)brazen1 Wrote:
(2016-06-21, 23:38)Timpppa Wrote: Hi!

On my journey to the 3D MVC I've come close to the very end. I've spent hours and hours searching every possible bit of info for my case and I've tested those things. Sadly no success, yet.

1. Hardware:
Intel C2D E8400, Nvidia 610 GT, 1.4 HDMI all the way through to the Benq W1350 video projector.


In the end, I've tried and I'm willing to admit my defeat. Just asking if there is any hope?


You do not need to use the earlier build. I'm using latest 6/8 build with no problems. After the original thread was closed, the Nvidia quirks were addressed in the following release and have worked well since.

You do not need libmfx32. That is intended for non Intel users, mainly AMD.

Be certain your folder/file have .3D in the naming. Don't forget the period (dot).

Download Intel_Media_SDK_2016.msi from Intel website. You will need to register with them to gain access to the download. Once installed, check Intel Media SDK 2016 is 1.7 (Intel_Media_SDK_2016.0.1) info in programs folder.

Remember, to run the stereoscopic setup in Nvidia control panel and always enable stereoscopic. The main quirk, when 24Hz matched refresh rate is switched, Nvidia enables 3D for 2D titles, has been addressed. When Kodi starts, 3D is disabled globally (system wide) allowing 2D 24Hz titles to render correctly. When a 3D title is selected, Kodi will enable 3D globally and turn it back off when finished. When exiting Kodi, 3D will again be enabled globally.

Some BD menus still not working as of yet so using this build with seamless PDVD for occasions when menu is desired. There is no difference in audio/video quality. This is the final hurdle that will overcome any need for an external player. Been using full frame packed MVC iso's and MVC mkv's, some interpolated to 60Hz rips, HEVC low bitrate as well. The build(s) handling most everything thrown at them.

Some titles require eye flip adjustment and is not automated. Most of you are using mkv. Fwiw, you can run your title through mkvtoolnix and select left eye first for your right eye first titles to correct. It only takes a few minutes.

Hi Brazen1 and humble thanks for your reply!

I'm pleased to announce... Ricochet 2... ehrm I mean this works finally!!!

Things I noticed on the go:
1. Bluray is automatically in 3D-mode and it is on "Hardware based" -3Dmode on Kodi. Just works.

2. MakeMKV's lossless MKV from bluray ISO behaves as good as the bluray (no shit?) and I can add my own subtitles apart from those yellow ones on disc, yak. One problem there is though: when rewinding, say like 30 seconds or 1 minute, audio/video isn't on sync anymore. Problem on my hardware end?

3. DVDFab FSBS rips (3800x1080) work like charm, but Kodi automatically thinks they are SBS even though I have named them "Frozen 3D.mkv" etc. I didnt try the dot (.) there though. It wouldnt be a problem but whenever I choose the "Hardware based" -3Dmode on Kodi, it doesn't save it. Movie starts on SBS mode on next time again, changes on aspect ratio etc. is saved. Usually Kodi saves things like that but not this time. There ISN'T rewinding audio/video sync problem though. But is there anything I can do about those subtitles when they show on both sides of the screen? (2 x subtitles entirely, they are not stacked)

4. The only thing I didnt "get" to work eventually from the 3D aspect was the Martian frame packed mkv. Tried changing the 3D stereo headers in Toolnix (setting 13 on both video tracks and tried setting 13 in the first and 14 on the second track). This made subtitles go 3D but not the movie. MakeMKV's mkv file had just one video track --> worked, so I think DVDFab's rip option "two video streams in one file" doesn't cope so easily?

5. Even on 2D movies Kodi changes the refresh rate to 24p (of course the movies are 23.976 fps) --> BLAM, Benq w1350 thinks its time for 24p 1920x2205 frame packed and everything is on 3D mode then :D It looks normal 2D with glasses but... I prefer not using the glasses on 2D (;

3D MKV --> subtitles ok, desync on rewinding
FSBS --> subtitles NOT ok, totally sync on rewinding, (Kodi doesnt save the "hardware based" 3D option) last one is not a problem, just annoying
MVC MKV --> not working yet, there was stuttering very rarely, on the first few minutes I think but didn't notice later.

Side notes:
I. How makemkv's mkv differs from the DVDFab's "two video streams in one file" mkv? They are both frame packed mkv so...? (other has 1 video track and other has 2 when I think both should have 2?)
II. One thing I thought might do the audio/video sync: FSBS is 21GB (Frozen), pureMKV 30GB (Frozen), the Frozen.iso doesnt use nearly as much hardware capabilities because it had decoding codec in it or something? and (MVCmkv 40GB (Martian) actually this doesnt have rewinding desync, little problems on playback but they go away mostly). My processor is having rough time on bigger file sizes? Now that I think, Decoding method on Kodi was shown on "Bino" in video options when "DXVA" would use GPU also? I have ticked the DXVA in the options, but video is on "Bino" -decoding mode.

Wow, when things get going, more questions follow!

Thanks again Brazen1! (sadly I didn't figure out how to give reputation, maybe I should have more posts :/)
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