Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-07-07, 16:47)santiagodraco Wrote: Anyone have any word on micro-ATX motherboards with HDMI 2 (4k 60hz) in the foreseeable future?

Probably when the refresh comes out this fall. But I personally have given up on Intel. My Skylake is a PoS with 3D on Kodi. No driver or Kodi MVC version works 3D properly without severe massing around with rewind and fast forward until the 3D actually untears, and even then the depth does not seem quite on 100% then you go and hit pause to take a bathroom break to start all over again. I just threw a Nvidia GT640 in with the Intel Media SDK installed and it worked PERFECTLY without a single snag. My friends also report better 3D depth. I do notice the image is not quite as sharp (might be colors) as the Skylake, but again that is just a bugger to get through a movie without events. Nvida's 10xx series are all HDMI 2 4K 60hz capable. They have announced a GT 1030 and a 1040 to address the HTPC setup and I am waiting for that. I am running an ITX system right now and its nice having the Nvida card because it can do some very light gaming too. I imagine the 1040 will be like running games on a GTX750 or even a 760 while keeping low profile for ultra small build and having that great color and sharpness everyone claims Intel has. I believe they are HDMI 2.0b I don't like NUC as it does not accommodate my 6TB 3D ISO drive and USB enclosures are just a dead drive waiting to happen (from experience as a full fledged hardware IT guy).
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