Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback

Have a few questions on getting my setup working properly...

1. 3D/AMOS/Custom Menus: I've got the Estuary Mod installed but for the life of me can't seem to be able to figure out how to setup the 3D playlist items properly as you have in your setup (3D, ATMOS, etc). Would you mind explaining the process for configuring the custom menus and playlists so that I can add the same menu setup you have?
2. I noticed that for the menu item widgets you are supposed to be able to configure those (by widget I mean say the display of posters across the main page when Movies are highlighted) to change the display type. When customizing a menu I can only select the widget but get no sub-configuration item to change the poster style.
3. Is there a way to create a TV widget view on the home page for when TV Shows are highlighted that will display "recently aired" (like Plex does)?
4. When playing back 3D MVC movies I am seeing them as over/under and have to manually change the TV 3D mode to display in 3D which then works fine. Also when I view the 3D mode I see "block_lr" and not what is expected which is hvec I think? I am running in 4k and playback is also in 4k (24p). I'm wondering if this might be my issue. I really don't want to run at 1080p as primary (but have no problem playing movies back at native resolution).

Basically I'm looking for a guide on setting up Kodi similar to yours and making sure it works properly. I have it setup per the guide on page 1 currently.


EDIT: Tried changing my display resolution AND Kodi's to 1080p. If I try to playback video I get no display but I get audio but the audio stutters in and out (ie plays for a second, no sound for a second, plays... back and forth). So not sure what the issue is as this occurs with 3D and normal blu-ray/mkv video played in Kodi. I suspect Intel might not have all of their issues worked out. I should note that I do have refresh rate switching on in Kodi.
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