Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-07-10, 18:16)Charger Hellcat Wrote: Are you saying that for 3D MVC MKV movies subtitles don't come on automatically? If that's what you mean you can set the header for the subtitles in the file to be forced which will put them on automatically. Google MKV headers and MVKToolNixGUI to learn how to do it. It's very easy.

I didn't make myself clear enough, so I mean Kodi automatically doubled the subtitles on the screen ---> both side-by-side images had its own subtitles on its own 960x1080 half. When 3D is applied, subtitles look normal, on the bottom of the screen (subtitles look 3D).
MVC build doesnt do this subtitle doubling on its own on HSBS movies, so subtitles show on the left side of the screen (subtitles are on the left image, not on the right image --> no 3D on subtitles and messed up subtitle location)

Though on MVC titles subtitles are OK, bottom/middle of the screen and 3D effect on them is applied.
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