Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
So I tried this just now as MVC works perfect on MPC-HC, but the subtitles are flat. So it worked, but it keeps putting the videos into top and bottom mode and I have to manually put the projector into top and bottom mode. Is that the way its supposed to go? With MPC-HC and madvr, it automatically switches to stereo mode and thats that. Do I have to leave stereo mode enabled on the resolution on windows at all times for this? My playercore file also doesn't seem to be working with this, is there some change for this version? Subs were working beautifully.

I am using an I3 6100 but I didn't connect to internal graphics, I was using GTX950. I didn't download any separate file, could that be the issue?

EDIT: same thing happened playing ISO and MKV MVC

EDIT2: So I tried again just now, I set the resolution to 3d before going into Kodi and now it played correctly. However, with Madvr and MPC-hc it automatically sets 3d resolution and takes it off when not playing 3d. I might be crazy, but it looks like with 3d enabled on the resolution that the screen is a lot lighter. Do you guys just leave it in 3d resolution all the time for 3d and non 3d?

It actually stopped working and was just showing I guess 2D at the end, but I tried playing with the internal graphics as well and I think something got botched up with KODI, i'll have to try again. with the internal Intel 530 graphics it was skipping and stuff and didn't look smooth. I don't know if thats because its not set primary or because I didn't reboot when switching between the cards.
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