Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-07-25, 23:09)hdmkv Wrote: @robl45, that doesn't sound right. It should switch to 3D mode with 3D content, and back to 2D UI after video playback is done. Try with internal graphics; Intel 530 should be more than capable. May be a driver issue.

Kaby Lake may support HDR if rumors are to be believed here.

You know I tried this afternoon again. This time it was switching to 3d properly. The Nvidia card was working and then decided it wouldn't work, just kept getting blank screen with Kodi for some reason. So I switched to the intel HD530 internal and it worked sort of. I am getting glitches when playing john carter and Avengers, both with 8 channel audio, Jaws 3d was working fine with 2 channel audio. Is that a problem with the audio? I don't have any audio hooked up, just hooking the HDMI to my projector since I don't have hdmi receiver yet and no SPDIF on this board. I got the same glitch or no glitch with the files using either video card so I"m assuming it has something to do with the audio i the two that glitch.

Still can't get the playercore factory to work with this version though.

EDIT: noticed with the intel in 3d as opposed to the nvidia that it appears to be doubling the refresh rate in 3d, is this normal?
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