Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-07-27, 00:20)brazen1 Wrote: Fwiw, Nvidia also does 23.976 perfectly.
There is no 8 channel, aka 7.1, audio glitch in 2D or 3D playback using file structure or container such as iso or mkv.
As movie78 stated, if you have no need for an external player, afedchin builds do bitstream, do automatically switch 3D MVC mode and have no glitches making the build suitable for most users. There is no need for a playercorefactory unless you are trying to enhance something using an external player for reasons posted earlier. It sounds like you are band aiding a problem with your hardware/software by substituting a perfectly good working internal player with MPCHC. You would like to seamlessly call MPCHC within Kodi but your playercorefactory isn't up to the task. Either fix your immediate hardware/software glitch or write a correctly working playercorefactory. To say a playercorefactory doesn't work anymore is false. You've been provided with complete working instructions. Not sure how else anyone is going to help you?

Maybe you think it does, but everyone else will tell you Nvidia cannot output 23.976 correctly. Not sure how you are magically doing it. At any rate, I"m not using external players now, I couldn't if I wanted to because its not using the playercorefactory. My playercorefactory works fine with Jarvis, it will not work on Krypton, I have no idea why. So I am using the stock internal player on the MVC build and the files are glitching. Thats the best I can describe it, the file is playing and there is like a white flash or something in the glasses. Only happening on the 8 channel or 7.1 channel if you prefer.
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