Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-08-19, 22:50)flipmode009 Wrote:
(2016-08-19, 02:12)Charger Hellcat Wrote: MVC MKV's play perfect for me. Not sure why people mess with 16 different formats?

There is 16 different formats? Wow, didn't know that sarcasm was a testable format. The reason people try different formats is to check consistancy and also to verify if the file container OR the video itself is the issue. It's people like us that dedicate the time to make it good for people like you that think 1 format works for every user base. Kinda an insulting statement and we don't have room for a lack of constructive comments here.

The Fuc? I asked a question. But I guess posing questions might ruffle the feathers of some so from now on, thanks to your taking offence to a question, I won't.

Funny though, you have HALF the number of posts I do. Why, exactly, should I be taking advice from you to begin with?

Funny enough, looking at your whole 15 posts (well 14 before you decided to act like a child towards me) you seem to do little more than wag your giant internet dick around boasting about how amazing all your gear is. If that's all true, why are you having such difficulty playing MVC MKV on a nice powerful Intel based HTPCHuh
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