Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Hi to you all!
3d br playback with HI RES audio pasthrough is concerning me for years.I can not find a Dell 3050 at an affordable price,so I decided to try to setup my toshiba encore wt8-a-102 tablet pc[win 8.1] ,pls. don't laugh....
Here are some specs:
Card name: Intel® HD Graphics
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip type: Intel® HD Graphics
DAC type: Internal
Device Type: Full Device
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F31&SUBSYS_FAF01179&REV_09
Display Memory: 997 MB
Dedicated Memory: 32 MB
Shared Memory: 965 MB
Current Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: Malta
Monitor Id: MS_9003
Native Mode: 800 x 1280(p) (60.001Hz)
Output Type: Internal
Driver Name: igdumdim32.dll,igd10iumd32.dll,igd10iumd32.dll
Driver File Version: 10.18.0010.3408 (English)
Driver Version:
DDI Version: 11
Feature Levels: 11.0,10.1,10.0,9.3,9.2,9.1
Driver Model: WDDM 1.3
Graphics Preemption: DMA
Compute Preemption: Thread group
Miracast: Supported
Hybrid Graphics GPU: Integrated
Power P-states: Not Supported
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 1/17/2014 03:08:06, 18628096 bytes
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
WHQL Date Stamp:
Device Identifier: {D7B78E66-4C71-11CF-997F-FADAB4C2C735}
Vendor ID: 0x8086
Device ID: 0x0F31
SubSys ID: 0xFAF01179
Revision ID: 0x0009
Driver Strong Name: oem46.inf:5f63e534a222b607:iVLV2M_w81:\ven_8086&dev_0f31&subsys_faf01179

Description: Speakers (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM))
Default Sound Playback: Yes
Default Voice Playback: Yes
Hardware ID: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F28&SUBSYS_1179FAF0
Manufacturer ID: 1
Product ID: 100
Type: WDM
Driver Name: isstrtc.sys
Driver Version: 603.9600.1948.32590 (English)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
Date and Size: 12/19/2013 19:40:24, 254464 bytes
Other Files:
Driver Provider: Intel
HW Accel Level: Basic
Cap Flags: 0xF1F
Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 200000
Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 1, 0
Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 0, 0
HW Memory: 0
Voice Management: No
EAX™ 2.0 Listen/Src: No, No
I3DL2™ Listen/Src: No, No
Sensaura™ ZoomFX™: No

The stereo 3d test is ok,but I can not pass through any compressed audio format.using the 20160630 kodi build
Any help?
P.S.I'm using a Pioneer VSX-528 receiver.
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