Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
I don't know if you are still collecting user input at this late date, but here goes anyway.

The setup is a Dell 3050 driving a Cambridge Audio Azur 551r. Video comes from either a Synology DS216j (RAID0) for movies or an old WD MyBook for TV Shows. The network is wired and bandwidth is not an issue. My 3d library is only MKV. As background I worked in TV post production for 14 years, and way back in the (NTSC) days I could see field errors.

Good news. The June 30 build does everything is says it will. The color is indistinguishable from the BRD, and Audio pass through works for whatever format is on the original disk. The subtitles on Flying Swards of Dragon Gate worked fine. Manually switching eyes on Pi and Edge of Tomorrow worked fine. Audio stayed synchronized when the movie was paused and played. I found myself watching the movie and and not looking for errors. For grins I watched Avatar in 2d, and it worked just fine, no different then any of my other 2d BRD's. Yea!

Bad news. Skipping chapters sometimes put the audio out of sync, as it did on 300-Rise. Nothing I could do would put the audio back in sync once it was lost. Also every now and then I would get a micro-skip. It looked like part of a frame glitched, but just barely. Naturally I blame Microsoft, Windows probably just had to run some process that couldn't wait.

Overall this build is very very good.


Although my 50 or so 3d movies finally get the love they deserve, my other 300 DVD rips can be unplayable. It seems to depend on the encoding. Sicario is fine but Game of Thrones is unwatchable. I read page 1, I know the rules but this is a pretty big bug.

For fun I removed all traces of June 30 and installed v17b1 with Transparency. Awesome. Some of my older iPhone rez rips that put a heavier demand on the processor micro glitch every now and then but the overall quality is a step up from my old Minix U1 and even older WDTV.

Thank you to the people who make this happen, Kodi is really moving forward. I have to leave v17b1 as the go to player because I want to watch all my movies.

Now to show just how naive I am about programming, I am wondering if the modified for MVC version of ffMPEG can be packaged as a player to be installed as any other add-on and accessed through playercorefactory or the right-click "play using" feature. I do see the menu differences between Jun 30 and v17b1 but wonder if they can be worked around.

hdmkv, thanks for putting the spreadsheet together, it was a big help in my purchasing decision.
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