Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Add Warcraft to the list of movies that randomly quits on the Windows build of Kodi MVC. It stops just after the final fight scene. Even forcing the timeline to after the "break" in the video does not work. Plays fine in PowerDVD 16 and RPi2 LibreELEC MVC build. This is most defiantly an Intel/Windows build issue now that I got my RPi2 running to compare. But I can't stand PCM audio on my Audiophile grade HT. No it is absolutly not the same audio quality or even close for that matter. Plus the RPi2 has mediocre video quality, at least on a 100" screen on my Epison 5030 (THX Reference). Probably on a cheaper 3D projector you do not see the difference as much. I can still use my KDLinks A300 but forced subtitles don't work and that sucks. Please another build would be great, as the broken part is neither in Kodi Master build or the MVC portion. It is in the MVC branch of FFMPEG that is forked into the build. Perhaps whoever is making that fork of FFMPEG has made an update since May? (I understand thats the last update to that, the rest is just integration with Kodi Alpha's)
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