Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-05-12, 19:38)Statikk Wrote: Build Info: Kodi MVC WIP 20160512

Debug Logs:
Everest MVC MKV (created with MakeMKV)
Finding Nemo MVC MKV (created with MakeMKV)

Ok I was able to do a quick test of the same movies and add some new logs. It definitely seems like the problem is less severe. I have a much better chance of successfully skipping a chapter now. When chapter skipping fails it seems like it is much less likely that CPU spikes to 100%. Last time it seemed to spike everytime.

If CPU usage does not spike to 100% then you can usually skip to the next chapter. Going back to the previous chapter (that failed when skipping forward to it) always fails though. Sometimes I will skip through a whole movie and there will be a handful of chapters that always fail everytime I skip forward/backward to them. Then I stop the movie and restart it and I am able to skip to those chapters every time but a new handful of other chapters will fail.

If CPU does spike to 100% then all attempts to chapter skip after that will fail and CPU will stay at 100% until I stop the movie.

In Nemo after a chapter skip I noticed that sync was off and I tried to seek forward a little to adjust. That also failed.

Thanks for working on this afedchin and feel free to message me if you would like me to try anything in proticular.

(2016-05-12, 04:51)Statikk Wrote: An update to yesterday's post:

Build Info: Kodi MVC WIP 20160505

Hardware: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH with Intel Celeron N2830 CPU, Windows 10 Professional 64bit, Intel® HD Graphics driver-version

Debug Logs:
Everest MVC MKV (created with MakeMKV)
Finding Nemo MVC MKV (created with MakeMKV)

Description: When skipping in MVC MKV files with TrueHD/ATMOS sound about about 85% of the time CPU usage increases to 100% and remains there while video slows to a halt.

Screenshots: Screenshots taken during video playback were blank. If helpful I can snap a pic/video with my phone.

How to reproduce: Play an MVC MKV file with TrueHD/ATMOS sound and chapter skip.

Finding Nemo seems to have slightly better chances of a successful chapter skip for whatever reason. There seems to be no problem with DTS-MA. I have tried disabling bitstreaming of TrueHD.

(2016-05-11, 08:32)Statikk Wrote: Can anyone confirm a problem with the 5-05 build playing 3D MVC MKVs with TrueHD/Atmos soundtracks? An ISO of the same movie plays fine but when converted into MVC MKV I'm not able to FF/RW or chapter skip without losing audio> video slows> video freezes. When doing a chapter skip the video actually progresses to the new chapter but the play timer starts back at 0:00> audio loss> slow video> video freeze. I have tested quite a few movies now (Everest, Finding Nemo, Minions, In the Heart of the Sea) and have also tried turning off TrueHD Capable Receiver. I also tried switching off 3D while playing which seemed to have no effect.

Statikk is this fixed with latest build? I have the same nuc...
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