Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-09-28, 21:46)ArieS Wrote:
(2016-09-28, 15:55)Charger Hellcat Wrote: Pressing O on a PC does nothing with this build. A useful feature that was reduced previously and now gone.

Auto-flip eyes seems to work properly for MKV when denoted by the header.

Delay while changing refresh rate seems to work but can sometimes bring up the OSD which is annoying.

I forgot to test Auto-flip eyes but you're saying the header of the mkv needs to be modified? To what value?

I also forgot to post about the delay after changing the refresh rate. I was under the impression that it wasn't working properly (or at all) since when I start a video, even 2D, I don't hear sound for a couple of seconds even though the video is already on.
But I also sometimes see the OSD, as you are reporting, and was wondering wth was going on.
I have set a 4 seconds delay.

I'm using the skin Aeon Madnox by the way.

You have to set the stereo field in the video stream of the header from 13 to 14. 13 is LEF, 14 REF.

The delay simply sends the video refresh rate (and 2D/3D settings) to the display and then pauses the video for the specified time. It's useful on a projector because they take a few moments to change resolutions and without the delay you miss those moments from the video. The OSD coming up is, I think, because the display reports back to the source of the refresh rate change has occurred and causes Kodi to sometimes bring up the OSD as if you'd moved the mouse or something. It's annoying but hopefully something that can be fixed.

If you get video playing but the audio is delayed a bit it's likely due to your audio output. I know with Onkyo receivers they take at least a second or 2 of receiving the stream before making the internal switch. Something I hoped could be worked out for awhile but it's still there. Usualy not as annoying as the entire video being skipped for seconds though.
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