Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-10-04, 22:20)weirdinin Wrote:
(2016-09-24, 21:53)Statikk Wrote:
(2016-09-23, 08:17)Statikk Wrote: Unfortunately with the 9/22 build I still have the chapter skip/ff/rw issue with MVC MKVs that contain DolbyTrueHD audio. Sad Tested with Everest (which had the issue before) and also Warcraft. I'm running a DN2820 NUC.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? Sad

I confirm that. Both builds, 9/22 and 6/30, are having this issue.
Only those 3D movies that have dolbytruehd audio are problematic. Chapter skip or ff or rw causes issues. Audio is dropped and after couple of seconds video hangs.

Tested with Disney animation Brave 3D and Mad Max Fury Road 3D

system info
i3-3225 ivy, asrock h77m, 8 gb ram, win10
graphics driver version

Edit. updated graphics driver to the newest Still can't skip chapters or rw or ff

I've been playing around with various drivers and settings but unfortunately I can't get rid off DolbyTrueHD related chapter skip/ff/rw issue. I'm wondering what are my options here and as I see it they are either wait until Intel launches new drivers or mvc build is updated to suit my setup. Or then I go nuts and buy new hardware. Dear community, are there some other options I don't see? What would be your suggestion if I bought new setup? A friend of mine is selling I5-4440. I could get it cheap.

NUCs are suggested here I see but I'm not a fan of how NUCs look. I'd like to build htpc. In respect of 3D mvc playback, is it same if I build htpc compared if I buy NUC?

Should I buy haswell (e.g. I5-4440 from my friend) or skylake or wait until Kaby Lake is released? I don't need setup that is future proof (4k, HDR, 10-bit HEVC, (unless I get it very cheap)) since then I would have to buy new amp and TV also to enjoy those features. Too pricey for now. I'm not planning to update my TV for couple of years. Main point is to get flawless 1080p 3D and 2D experience. Only obstacle is DolbyTrueHD audio. Everything else seems to work like a charm. I'm very pleased with the picture quality. With oled TV, 3D movies are just stunning.

Any help's very much appreciated. And I haven't excluded NUCs totally. If there's a good reason, then I buy one despite of how they look.
Current setup
HTPC: G4560 Kaby Lake, ASRock H110M-ITX, 8 GB, Win10
Server: G2120 Ivy Bridge, ASRock B75 Pro3-M, 8 GB, 22 TB HDD, Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Audio&Visual: Marantz NR-1602, Dali Opticon 6 5.1, SVS PB12-NSD, Sony KD-65A1
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