Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-10-30, 12:52)Siutsch Wrote:
(2016-10-30, 12:32)woronczak Wrote:
(2016-10-30, 10:27)Siutsch Wrote: Hmm.
What you mean with a "full HD 3D output" is 1920x1080 and with both movies (for both eyes) reduced to side by side (HSBS)?

I thought, both movies with full resolution can be send completely to the output device, like if you use a Bluray player or so.

But if I set "Decode the stereo stream from 3D files" in the settings, then I can choose only from hou, hsbs, analgyph and these things, so both available full hd movies within the MVC streams will always be reduced to one full hd movie.
Whether I choose this setting or not, my beamer don't recognize a 3D movie in auto mode, only with choosing this, I got a HSBS file and have to set to this setting manually.

Still I do not understand the bebefit of this special version.

Perhaps someone can explain this a bit more ...


Under Display > Stereoscopic 3D > Preferred Mode should be set to Hardware based (check you have everything set up like hdmkv's first post - the screen in question is the 11th picture in the imgur part). Make sure all the options are set up as in this post - it doesn't sound like you have everything set up correctly if it is asking you what format to use as if set up correctly, it should just output it properly without even asking you which format to use.

If you have all this set up properly, the video will play back in frame packing (not Top / Bottom or Side By Side or anything else where the resolution is less) just as it would from a bluray player (or your PS3).

Hope that helps

Thanks for that explnation. Smile

For prefered mode I only have:

- Same as movie
- Over / Under
- Side by side
- Analgyph red / cyan
- Analgyph green / magenta
- Analgyph yellow / blue
- Interlaced
- Checkerboard

I don't have "hardware based".

Usually that means that you don't have supported hardware.

What CPU is in your box?
You might have to fiddle with drivers if it is actually supported
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