Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-10-30, 13:13)Siutsch Wrote: EDIT: I don't know, if that could be the problem, but my HTCP isn't connected directly to my beamer, because I have a TV (no 3D) an beamer (3D) an need a HDMI switch (4x2) for that (my amlifier hasn't HDMI switch).

But my PS3, who can play 3D Blurays can play them through the HDMI switch and my beamer detects 3D automatically if I use this, so I think, it must work with my HTPC too.

Incorrect EDID data could be your problem. Your HTPC has to read your displays EDID in order to determine what resolutions can be displayed and whether or not your display is 3D Capable (and which 3D can it display). Unless you bought an HDFury Integral or HDFury 4K splitter (both can present an preset EDID to your HTPC even if your display has not completed its HDMI handshaking yet), your HDMI Switch has to pass the proper EDID to your HTPC or else Kodi will NOT send out the proper 3D signal. You may having timing issues, since first your HTPC has to complete HDMI handshaking with the active display (assuming it sees it correctly), than after Kodi starts it will ask Windows AGAIN for the EDID before proceeding. If that EDID is wrong or hasn't loaded, Kodi won't display 3D or even 1080p correctly (and certainly not 4K).

Try connecting your beamer (3D capable) directly to your HTPC and see if MVC 3D works. If it does, then it is a EDID misread that is causing your problem.
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