Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Started adding Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake h/w to spreadsheet in post #1.

So far, the issues seem to be as follows (@movie78 and others, please correct anything I may have gotten incorrect)...
  1. 3D MVC only works when resolution is set to 1920x1080p. Perhaps @afedchin or another dev can comment on possiblity of getting 3D to work while leaving PC at 3840X2160p (some kind of auto-switch)
  2. 4K H.264 and HEVC work fine, as does 10-bit
  3. HDR does not work. Seems to require a recent build of Windows 10, and for Kodi devs to add HDR support to Kodi app itself
  4. H/W w/HDMI 1.4 only (like MSI Cubi2 Kaby Lake) require a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter (to get HDCP2.2 and 4K @ 60Hz). But, it seems flaky
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