Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2016-11-14, 02:52)timstephens24 Wrote:
(2016-11-13, 23:54)chocco Wrote: 1. Is there a remote that I can use without using a mouse and keyboard? I do have a Harmony 350 and have tried programming in XBOX, MYCE keyboard etc but nothing seems to work. Could that be a problem with the IR drivers, even though I've updated them all? On my old Nvidia Shield, one of the good things about having the included gamepad as a remote was that you could use it to navigate all aspects of Android TV from the home screen to Kodi to game playing. I understand that the Xbox controller is natively supported with windows 10 so does that mean if I buy one I will be able to navigate completely around the system? The only success I hav currently is with mouse and keyboard which is not really ideal for HTPC use.

2. If I try and change the colour space to anything but RGB I get a green screen. Ideally I would like YCBCR 4.4.4. Can I achieve that? To be honest though, he picture is significantly better than the Shield, so it probably isn't that big a deal

1. I use a Harmony and a USB MCE PC IR receiver. Works great, never had an issue.

2. It's spelled color! (jk jk) I have my NUC set to YCbCr and don't have any issue. Are you using HDMI or DP? I'm using HDMI, but I did have issues with using the DP (but you have a newer model than me so it might not be that).

(2016-11-14, 00:12)Caramba69 Wrote: The November version doesn't work for me. Kodi crashes when it starts.

I haven't had any issues. Watched a few movies testing out my new TV last night/today too. Main issue is the skipping to audio going out of sync for me, but it didn't crash once.

Thanks for the responses! I'll try again, maybe with different models for the harmony and report back. Regarding the colour space, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to change it on the nuc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? And finally has anyone had any experience with games playing on the nuc and can they recommend a gamepad that works? Thanks again!
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