Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Hi again,

I´m very confused about this hardware list. What exaxtly does this hardware list say?

The goal is, to get FULL-HD 3D on FULL-HD 3D TV with HDMI 1.4 as the same as Bluray 3D. NO half-SBS oder half-TOP/BOTTOM? Right?

Please correct me if I´m wrong, but MVC is the way the frames are stored in a file. So you need a software or hardware which can decode this stream
and output two FULL-HD streams to the graphics driver. The driver takes these two streams and send it to the display. The way the driver handles this
is called frame packing (two 1080p picture over/under with a 45 pix gap between). And this is the only way to send FULL-HD 3D to a display
with HDMI 1.4 (1920 x 2205 Pixel, 24p).

So MVC has nothing to do with frame packing. It is NOT the same.

This special Kodi version is the software decoder for the MVC stream? In this case no special hardware required.
The special hardware ist only required for doing the frame packing. And this is for NVIDIA 3D Vision, H3D3 at AMD
and InTru3D at Intel. And then you can choose "hardware-based" in Kodi when you start a 3D-ISO oder MVC-MKV file.

An now my confusion about this list. What does this list say?
Because there are Celeron J1800 & J1900% N2820 on it and this CPUs are definitly NOT capable of InTru3D.
So no frame packing output over HDMI and NO FULL-HD 3D.

Intel InTru3D only available at all i3/i5/i7 and on skylake-s celerons.

Even the newest Apollo Lake celerons are NOT capable of InTru3D.

Please tell me, if I´m wrong with my thinking.
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