Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Hey everyone,

I was directed here with my software-based issue for Kodi MVC decode and display. Hopefully this is the right thread, but if not, let me know and I'll move along.

I'm trying to get Kodi to decode my 3D bluray rip (via MakeMKV) and display it as squashed side-by-side. I'm using the 22-December-2016 Windows MVC build of Kodi to play back rips with MVC data that I've made with MakeMKV 1.10.4. My problem is that while Kodi's UI is showing up in 3D, the movie itself is showing up in 2D.

My setup is a Windows 10 PC with a GeForce GTX 970, an Oculus Rift, and using Bigscreen and/or Virtual Desktop for viewing. The Rift part of the pipeline shouldn't add any real complexity to the problem, as in this case the virtual desktop software is just taking the regular SBS output made by Kodi and doing all of the VR work on top of that.

Kodi's UI is set to SBS mode, and as I mentioned, showing up properly in 3D. For playback, the option for decoding 3D data from the movie stream is enabled, and I've tried both "ask me" and "Side By Side" for the 3D playback setting, with identical results. Not sure why Kodi is decoding/displaying identical L/R views for the movie.

If I disable "fullscreen window," I can still get a 3D Kodi UI, but then movie stretches across both eyes, with the left half of the frame going to the left eye, and the right half going to that eye.

I do know that the .mkv file has the MVC video stream included in it, since Stereoscopic Player is able to decode and display the movie properly for SBS playback. Also, Kodi is correctly displaying the 3D tag in the library. For reference, the movie is The Force Awakens from the 3D edition.

In Summary: Trying to get the MVC movie and UI to output as SBS on the desktop monitor (which is then passed to the virtual cinema display in the Rift). Everything seems to be working, except the same video frame is displayed to both eyes rather than a unique one to each eye.
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