Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-02-21, 19:49)filmgeek47 Wrote: Looking at building a HTCP purely for kodi w/3d. Anyone here have experience with the J3455 motherboards? Seems like it could be a really cheap way to setup a 4k nuc, but they seem to be having a stock shortage, and they're not mentioned on the compatibility list either way.
I own this board (in use as nas) and quickly tested last weekend via dvi-to-hdmi cable to circumvent onboard dp-to-hdmi issues.

Latest libreelec played almost all material incl atmos & dts-x except fhd 3d just right out of the box. No issues at all (but only tested very short & quickly)

There are actually 2 flavors of that board.

#1 J3455 with the 'buggy' dp to hdmi converter. That board has also optical out and 4x sata.

#2 J3455B cheaper version without optical, only 2x sata but also without the buggy converter, so direct hdmi 1.4 from the chipset.

As I don't care about 4k (60hz; 30hz is still supported) but do care about hd audio pass-through and mvc and possibility to decode (& downscale) 4k material on my 1080p displays, #2 seems to be best option for me.

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