Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-02-21, 11:16)safcsat Wrote:
(2017-02-21, 09:55)dexter98 Wrote: Full sbs and full tab should look identical. Half resolution is a different story. I find half tab slightly better than half sbs.

Resolution of material you can check with media info (not sure whether pressing o in kodi will give source resolution).

For testing you may want to consider buying a Rpi 3. Even with libreelec (which is extremely simple to install), full 3d frame pack works right out of the box. You can even force 3d frame pack output.

Then you now for sure that everything in your setup is able to handle 3d frame pack signal correctly.

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Great idea! RPi3 ordered Smile

the RPi3 handles mvc 3D well. i used to use it before finding the mvc kodi build.

the video quality of the RPi3 is pretty weak as compared to a PC video card. it has way too much color banding/solarization for my tastes and OLED only amplifies this. i could never tweak it well enough to eliminate this and on some movies, particularly with deep reds and blues it was distracting.

i thought it was the movies themselves, but straight off disc in my oppo, the picture was superior to the RPi3 playing back the mkv

the only card in fact that i was able to achieve the oppo quality with was an nvidia card - GTX 960M i think. even the intel 5100 has some issues, but is noticably better than the RPi

YMMV of course - too many variables and many are subjective

i think my next htpc will be a gaming hybrid. looking at the nvidia gtx 1080. hdmi 2.0b. and Nvidia are pretty solid with driver support
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