Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-02-24, 19:15)p750mmx Wrote:
(2017-02-24, 01:16)hdmkv Wrote:
(2017-02-23, 18:57)NoTechi Wrote: Safcsat reported earlier in this thread Intel NUC7i3BNK does work. Could someone confirm that 4k and 3D is working on same HDMI2 for NUC7i3BNK?
Don't think what he got was full 3D as his demo video shows Kodi going into TAB mode. Also, he wasn't seeing 'Hardware Based' as a decoding option.
I asked this before, but no answer was given.

What would (or could) be the difference in 3D "quality" between displaying two interlaced pictures in a 2160 resolution and the "Hardware Based" option in a 1080 resolution? Can someone explain?

3D mvc is two full resolution 1080p frames that when rendered on passive OLED 4K are essentially interlaced where the passive glasses are polarized such that each eye sees essentially the odd or even scan lines and your brain interprets the 3D

1080p passive TVs render each 1080p frame in half resolution since you need both presented at the same time to see the 3D

1080p active TVs show both fullframe images in sequence at a high refresh rate where your glasses shutter in sync with the tv to show you both at approx the same time and your brain sees 3D. active shutter requires carefully calibrated sets and extreme ambient light control to reduce eye strain and artifacts.

for SBS or OU 3D i believe you have two half resolution images displayed at the same time for passive and in sequence for active where your glasses present both at same time to your eyes and you see 3D

as far as i know anything other than MVC encoded 3D is half resolution. now it is possible that standard Kodi will take an MVC encoded movie and decode a single 2D frame and then output SBS or OU and give you the 3D effect. this is "fake" 3D in the sense that the movie was not encoded this way. it's like taking any 2D source and having your tv "upscale" to 3D.

i could also be way off here. google is your friend. but the reason we want MVC decoding is because that is full resolution for each eye. for active shutter TVs at 1080p and passive 3D TVs that are 4K

passive 1080p TVs are half res regardless of source encoding
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