Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-02-25, 21:54)Comp1demon Wrote: OH BOY SO MUCH TO READ.. I been reading for hours now.

I just do not know where to go next...

Suggestions.. Say a Budget of up to $1K?

I want the best of everything for Audio and Video, I do not care about gaming I have an Xbox , Xbox 360, Xbox one,, RPi3 (retropie) and an arcade machine (windows with hyperspin).

see @hdmkv post above to you. i think he has the best suggestion for you

also - as everyone is saying: the 2016 LG OLED sets are just stunning. can't be said enough. it is such a disappointment they dropped 3D from their 2017 lineup. ce est la vie!

i would also suggest that the hardware, software, and monitor/TVs have started to get so good and reasonably priced that one day soon we will be satisfied with real-time 3D conversion from a 2D source. after all, most movies are not shot with 3D camers but post-processed from 2D sources. it's all just software. i do find this set can do a fine job already here that seems to impress people

imagine if a director could create a meta-data set of on-the-fly editing that you download into your software and it converts/applies it on the fly to give you what the director would have intended if he/she produced a 3D version for retail. damn. you read it here first folks - my idea Wink
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