Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-03-01, 07:52)afedchin Wrote:
(2017-02-28, 20:52)hdmkv Wrote: On that note, @afedchin, can you fill us in on what your plans are? I should probably update some of the points below in post #1. Thank you.

Quote:Important Points about MVC Windows Builds from its Developer:
  • MVC development is almost done. Only a couple of cosmetic things remain, which he will work on next
  • As it stands, there is no possibility to merge MVC into mainline as MVC feature requires a patched build of ffmpeg, which unfortunately is not acceptable for mainline
  • Given above, Kodi MVC Windows will remain as a fork (similar to SPMC or MrMC on Android/iOS)
  • MVC development is done. Only bugfixing is possible.
  • unchanged
  • unchanged

Are you aware of this issue?
2534958 (post)

Do you have any information regarding a possible fix or workaround? I linked to my own post, but there are also others throughout this thread who have reported this.

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