Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
I can't select the hardware option with my current hardware and software setup (4k all the way). I must go back to the HDMI 1.4 port and choose the 1080p resolution on desktop and in Kodi. When "hardware" comes available as a choice, the screen goes black and doesn't come back again. I must (hard)shutdown Kodi and start it up again. So that's a no go on my latest hardware build, but....

I have a lot to choose from here in ta house and my previous HTPC, based on the 4th generation i5 Haswell platform, is still in reach of my Oled TV and can be easy attached. Can't remember if the "hardware" choice gave me problems with this Kodi build and my Oled, sorry.

I also still have a 51" Full HD active 3D plasma where an 3th generation i3 Ivy Bridge HTPC with HD 4000 iGP is mounted on the back.

My computer monitor has a passive 3D mode and can use the Kodi 3D "hardware" mode, but shows only half the resolution, and it can't show the sharpness, colors and dept that I see on the Oled in Kodi Interlace mode.

I compared several systems the last period and without a doubt the Oled with Kaby Lake in 4k setup displays the best 3D picture, in Interlaced mode, way better then my Active 3D plasma (which uses the "hardware" choice in this Kodi build). My plasma was reviewed as one of the best active 3D TV's but crosstalk was never completely gone and brightness was also a issue.

Kodi 18.2 RC [MVC build] Shuttle DH270 [Kaby Lake i3-7300/HD630 graphics] Windows 10 - 1903 [3840x2160/60Hz]
4k video trough HDMI 2.0a port direct to LG Oled 55EF950V (with 2018 panel) HDR [success] HD audio through HDMI 1.4 port direct to NR1606 receiver
Kodi [4k/60Hz success] [i3D 4k success] HDR done by Kodi [no support]
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