Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Yes, this would conclude if there is something special with HDMI 2.0 interlaced mode.

You could also test Kodi at 4K 60Hz to see if there is a difference with PowerDVD.
Go to Kodi -> Settings -> Player -> Videos -> Adjust display refresh rate [OFF] and Sync Playback to display [OFF].
Now you should be able to select [email protected] in Kodi display settings and play 3D 24fps at 60Hz just like PowerDVD.

Typically film material stored on Blu-Ray is at 24fps (most of 3D's). When played on 60Hz display it produces jitter in frame rate unless you have good frame interpolation done at the TV or player (computer). My Epson projector has very good frame interpolation and I always have it on for 3D movies. Active glasses operate at 60Hz and this is the only way to synchronize 24 fps video to 60Hz glasses. The end result is pretty good on large 150" screen.
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