Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-03-23, 03:14)3DBuff Wrote: Gentlemen, I don't know what is causing your lip sync issue but a quick fix is to adjust audio offset unless the delay is progressing. Just press letter "A" on the keyboard and you get access to audio offset. I use it all the time with headphones. My projector has long video processing time specially using frame interpolation causing image out of sync compared to audio.

This is very handy feature when you don't use HDMI receiver. Too bad PS3 doesn't have it. A lot of people is complaining abut latency when using Bluetooth headphones. All you really need is this "Audio Offset" to fix all lip sync problems Wink

Thank you for your reply but audio advance will not help in this instance. Audio sync starts off fine but slips further out of sync as time passes. It is not off by a set amount so cannot be corrected by advancing or retarding the audio. As audio sync is corrected when switching off and then on pass through and stays corrected whilst the progress bar is displayed this is not a hardware issue, rather Kodi seems to loose track of timing with progress bar removed from the screen. As a work around would it be possible to somehow have the progress bar stay active but hidden? Just a thought.
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