Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Quick update for anybody interested in USB-C 3D output. This is probably not entirely related to this thread topic but we had good discussions here on Kodi MVC and types of 3D outputs.

From everything that I have tested USB-C to 3D is no go on my laptop system but probably for all other systems as well. Save yourself time and avoid it at any cause. I haven't found any adapter that would output 3D hardware frame packing and I tested quite a few from USB-C to DVI through various USB-C to HDMI 1.4 including Club 3D brand, Dell, no-names etc, to USB-C to HDMI 2.0. Based on the adapter type and display shows jumping frames or incompatible signal.

4K interlaced is another fiasco. For whatever reason using USB-C Kodi / PC sends 2 stacked frames into display 2,205 vertical lines including black separation strip. This is frame packing probably scaled to 4K resolution. TV treats is as TAB and converts it to 3D. Scaling and converting creates vertical black bars on both sides of the screen and some other artifacts. If I disconnect the external screen and use laptop screen using 3D interlaced mode everything looks good, proper format but obviously I can't see 3D since the laptop screen is not polarized for passive glasses. The screen is fuzzy but properly formatted and no artifact. Using USB-C to HDMI 2.0 connected to 4K 3D TV I can get proper Kodi screen (the skin). Posters look good with deep background art, popup menus are closer and everything looks great. As soon as I start 3D ISO the screen changes, it flashes double stacked frames and goes into 3D but it's not properly formatted to the screen (about 1.5" black bars on both sides).

4K TAB has the same effect on my system as interlaced. Black bars on both sides of the screen.

@p750mmx thanks for help testing various 3D interlaced options.

Update Apr. 13th
After tweaking 3D 4K Interlaced is finally working on USB-C.
See my newer post.
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