Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
So checked CPU usage, its in the low 40s so no worries there. I'm running 4GB ram. Tried upping the GPU share to 512 from 256, no change.

Rebooted my network, no change.

Gonna try a clean install on my system (I've been having some odd issues where it wakes from sleep and then the kodi interface locks up for a minute, even though the machine isn't frozen BC you can still hear the interface beeping as you arrow around).

Going to setup the machine with just the custom kodi build, no aero tweaker or launcher4kodi, and a fresh driver install and see what happens.

My NAS is a custom linux server with more than enough processing power, but I'll give it a reboot to just in case.

Thanks for your help. If I figure out what's causing this I'll be sure to post for others.

Just to be clear, nobody else is having regular issues with 3D mkvs studdering and losing sync on the February build? Want to make sure I'm not troubleshooting a known issue.
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