Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Okay. Tested the old build. it's an intermittent problem, but usually it'll show up on the second or third try at the latest, and then happen every 10-20 seconds. I couldn't reproduce it at all using 6 different files with the old build. Now, on one of the files, I had a very slight loss of audio sync (and I didn't sit through the whole movie to see if it degraded or not), but this older build seems to be working much better for me on the J4205 board.

Can anybody with one of the celeron processors who was previously having sync/studdering issues comment on whether they experience them again in the new build?

To be clear, the issue has cropped up in the February build, the most recent March 21st build, but NOT in the December build referenced above. Was there another build between December and February? I'd be curious to see if the audio sync problem was resolved somewhere in there without bringing back the studdering.

Also, I assume this is just a known issue, but on my board, none of these builds have allowed for functional skipping in a 3D MKV file. Issues vary from temporarily locking up picture, to loss of sound, to severe loss of sync, but they're always persistent, and seem to only affect 3D (I can skip around in a 2D file no problem).
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