Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-04-09, 15:08)3DBuff Wrote: @fimgeek47 frame skipping issue every 20s is often caused by TV or other display not being able to sync on 23.98 fps. If the TV is working at 24 fps only it will do the frame skip every 20s. This could be unrelated to your issue but worth to check.
Under System Display make sure you have "Use full screen windows' OFF. Then check if you have 23.98 in the "Refresh Rate". Select it to see if everything is working OK. Make sure you have in the Player section "Adjust display refresh rate" set to "Always" and "Sync Playback to display" OFF.

Kodi MVC is not working for me on my PC. I need to get the correct hardware just for that. I'm still waiting for Intel to figure it out or do a major recall Wink

It's very unlikely to be the TV not being able to sync to 23.976 (there aren't separate HDMI modes for each ISTR as it is just a tweak to the clock speed I think) - it's far more likely to be the source. (Until Haswell, Intel GPUs couldn't do 23.976/59.94 perfectly)

If you are using Windows with adjust refresh rate on start/stop enabled you should be OK if you are running Haswell or newer. (and similar generation Atom CPUs) If you are running at a fixed refresh rate remember to select 23 not 24Hz in Windows (23 is short for 23.976) There is very little stuff at 24.000Hz (some European Blu-rays)
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