Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-04-10, 18:40)p750mmx Wrote:
(2017-04-10, 18:22)willemhubers Wrote: So i've been trying to get 3D playback to work on my LGE6 OLED. I've connected my TV to my computer through HDMI1.4, turned on 3D settings and set the resolution to 1080p. As 3D setting I chose hardware based. When I start playing a 3D bluray iso the tv correctly switches to 3d mode and the video starts playing however I can only hear sound and dont see video (I just see the kodi menu).

After some googling I tried turning the render setting to software and disabling hardware acceleration but this only resulted in a double pink KODI menu with once again sound but no video visible once I start playback.

Anyone has any idea how to resolve my problem?
Well..., I could take a guess, but you could also say wat hardware you're using?

I5 3570K with an radeon 7950 videocard. The rest isn't too relevant I guess.

I have 2 screens attached indeed. (other screen is a samsung 1200p samsung monitor).
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