Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-04-09, 15:08)3DBuff Wrote: @fimgeek47 frame skipping issue every 20s is often caused by TV or other display not being able to sync on 23.98 fps. If the TV is working at 24 fps only it will do the frame skip every 20s. This could be unrelated to your issue but worth to check.
Under System Display make sure you have "Use full screen windows' OFF. Then check if you have 23.98 in the "Refresh Rate". Select it to see if everything is working OK. Make sure you have in the Player section "Adjust display refresh rate" set to "Always" and "Sync Playback to display" OFF.

Kodi MVC is not working for me on my PC. I need to get the correct hardware just for that. I'm still waiting for Intel to figure it out or do a major recall Wink

Double checked all of those settings, already had them set. I've tried a bunch of other stuff since my last post.
-Rewsteruk had suggested updating the DP-HDMI firmware to the latest version from intel (1.66), and then switching to the HDMI out on my board (instead of the DVI-HDMI cable I've been using). Unfortunately the setup shuddered even worse in this configuration (actually couldn't get my glasses to sync).

I've switched back to the old setup, however I did stumble upon something interesting. Apparently, the issue is the audio struggling to play with the video, rather than the other way around. Basically, if I turn off audio pass through, or switch to the embedded AC3 5.1 audio for a file, it seems to consistently play fine.

Sometimes, it'll play fine without studdering with the HD track, but usually just after I've messed around with the audio settings). I think what's happening is that after changing a setting, the system is refreshing the display and audio outputs, then will work fine until the software is rebooted.

Very frustrating because the 2D playback is fine, and SOMETIMES I'll get through a 3D movie fine too, but not 90% of the time.

Any other ideas? I'm gonna go back to using the older build that seemed to be working for now, but it would obviously be awesome if whatever issue that's cropped up since gets resolved in the newer builds.

What's really weird to me is that nobody else seems to be reporting this studdering on recent builds. Maybe it's just my specific chipset/CPU?
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