Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
I tested 4K interlaced a bit more and I'm starting to like it. Very good error free 3D but the trade off is 24fps screen without any frame interpolation. It is not too bad on filmed movies and not the animated ones. Some people would argue that 24 fps is the way movie was created for cinemas and this it the real cinematic experience.

The distorted line at the bottom is only on full screen 16:9 bottom 1/4" like a bent glass. I wouldn't see it until you guys pointed it out Wink Not too many movies around with the full top to bottom 16:9 frame.
I'm on Jan 16th release of Kodi MOV and I can't see any regular dropped frames using ISO files. I don't have a NUC but in principal this should be the same for Intel Kaby Lake.
@Korrigan make sure your LG TV input is selected as PC on and don't have some sound problem on your system. Select WASAPI driver of your receiver or TV. Try to disable Audio Pass-through and use 2 channels only for the test. Keep resample quality at Medium.

I can't comment on how stable the build is. I do get occasional lock up but I blame it on my wireless connection. I ordered USB to gigabit adapter from Ebay and I'm still waiting for it for 2 months Wink The one I have right now will not connect to NAS SAMBA drive.

There is also occasional left / right eye flip by itself. I'm going to try newer build.

Question here for Kodi experts. Where do you adjust subtitle 3D depth. I think I saw it in previous Kodi version last year along font size selection. There is a skin setting for Stereoscopic 3D effect strength but nothing for subtitles. Forced subtitles appear at the depth of the screen frame. On occasion front scene is closer and looks very awkward with subtitles being deeper. Is the a way to bring them forward, closer to viewer?
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