Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
(2017-05-04, 01:15)MrBfJohn Wrote: I'm also having lots of image stuttering and audio starting good, but gradually moving out of sync. Again, older builds work fine. The last good build for me was 20161208.
I'm using a couple of Intel NUC 2820's, and they both have the same problem. Both using latest BIOS and drivers.
Here is a debug log in case it will help solve the issue.
Debug Log

I'll revert back for now and try newer builds as they become available.

EDIT... I also noticed that 2 of my CPU cores are always at 100%, and 2 are always at 0%. May be nothing, but I thought I'd mention it.
+1 over here

Let's make one thing very clear: I'm very very grateful that afedchin brought mvc playback to the PC & kodi! Very nice job!

This is actually the only quirk I encounter.

2 extra things I noticed:
- it doesn't happen on all material (some stay always in sync, some don't)
- if movie is played from start no issue until you hit the pause or seek button. Then the slowly drifting out-of-sync starts.

When "set refresh rate" option is disabled, the issue doesn't occur (probably duh; which I currently use).

I'm running Feb mvc build (I think, can check which one exactly).

Maybe it is a subtle driver issue, ie actual driver refresh rate is different than requested/reported, and the delta depends on the requested refresh rate.

On the other hand I would expect that as audio and video are sent over the same hdmi port, same (physical) clock source is used, hence there should be no drifting a/v.....

Hmmmm strange.

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